The Best Tow Vehicle for our Toy Hauler is.....

Our Toy Hauler Tow Vehicle was smooth and easy to manuever and drive. It was like driving a car. It towed the 25 foot boat pretty well. It was a 4x4 which made slippery boat ramps a snap. come the 4x4 light is not on? The water in the lake is low and the ramp is steep too. Tires are spinning, no traction, boat is heavy it took on some water, ramp is steep, 4x4 is not engaging, Crap! Third try now...I have a little momentum, don't stop, tires are smoking now, but the boat is out of the water, just a little farther, YES!! People are cheering, and I'm a nervous wreck. My tow Vehicle is a 1993 Suburban 1500 4x4. It's a fantastic ride that we have many good memories in. I think it was a $50.00 part to get the 4x4 to engage again.

We bought our Toy Hauler based on the towing capacity of the Suburban, The RV dealer said we were rated at 6,500 pounds. Well that's good for a smaller Toy Hauler of less than 23 feet. Depending on the manufature of the unit. Some are heavier than others. We bought an American Freedom Toy Hauler. You can click the link to see which one we got. Our Tow vehicle was set up with an electric brake controller at the dealer. They also did the initial adjustments for the weight distributing hitch and anti-sway bars.

The 5.7 liter motor pulled the new hauler home very well. We used surface streets since it was only about 20 miles to our house. Our Tow Vehicle was white so it even matched the toy haulers colors of white with red graphics.

With a fully loaded toy hauler, the Suburban had little if any reserve power on tap. I would use full throttle to climb just the mild grades. Certainly my gas mileage would suffer using full throttle to maintain freeway speeds. Toy Haulers are heavier than travel trailers since they are designed to go off road and carry heavy loads inside. Time for more POWER! DIESEL POWER!!!

Here's the F250 4x4 crew Cab Turbo Diesel, our new Tow Vehicle!

Whoa!!! When we saw it, I had to have it! We bought it used, I mean, pre-owned to save money. I also heard that the 7.3liter is a workhorse and proven to be very reliable. So what did it come with?

7.3 liter Turbo Diesel power, BRP exhaust system, Super tuner super chip,, 10.5inch lift, dual Bilstein shock setup, 37" ProComps, and Pioneer stereo system.

The Diesels will go at least 300,000 miles at the minimum. So we didn't mind the 94,000 miles that it already had.The tow rating is 13,400 pounds, but of course the big tires makes it less. This Turbo Diesel Tow Vehicle has power on tap. My right foot has never gone to the floor, even when going up long uphill stretches of highway. The truck has overdrive that really drops the RPMs when cruising. However, it is best to not use overdrive when towing. Using OD may overheat your tranny when towing. Overheating your tranny may cause catastrophic failure. The last thing you want is to breakdown on the way to your desert getaway.

The only other thing that we could ask for is to increase the fuel mileage on the truck. We may have found the solution by adding a Hydrogen Generator that should increase the miles per gallon for us. Soon we will know if you can use water for gas/diesel or not. At around 1600 rpms you can hear the high pitched whinning from the Turbo charger. Reminds me of the Big rigs. The torque from the motor is what keeps you going up the hills with a fully loaded trailer. You need your Tow Vehicle to get you to the camping spots.

Doing the speed limit is not a problem anymore. Exceeding the speed limit, for passing the small block trucks, is done with authority. This is our New Toy Hauler Tow Vehicle! F250 going Tow to Tow with the 5.7 Suburban...What do you think? Time to start towing for some Toy Hauler Fun!